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    About Us

    About Us

    Group Profile

    Dali Foods group

    Dali Group was founded in the famous historical and cultural city Quanzhou, also known as the cultural capital of East Asia. After more than 20 years of rapid development since 1989, Dali Group has grown into a comprehensive modern food enterprise group with an annual revenue of over 10 billion, ranked the top 500 Chinese private enterprises.On Nov. 11th 2015, Dali Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 3799.HK)

    Dali Group, based on industry characteristics, has established 18 subsidiaries in 16 provinces and regions across the country through careful layout, and has 30 food and beverage production bases, one mashed potato production base, and one packaging and printing company. At the same time, the Group has built a golden marketing channel which enjoys a good reputation among the industry, and has formed a nationwide marketing network.

    Dali Group focuses on food industry and has formed an industrial structure of food and beverages as the two pillars. It uses the branding model of large platform, high density, three-dimensional to enhance the brand image, and the three brands under it, i.e. "Daliyuan" pastry, "Haochidian" biscuits, and "Copico" chips, have been recognized as the leading Chinese leisure foods brands. "Heqizheng" herbal tea, "Daliyuan" peanut milk and "Hi-Tiger" functional drinks are in the leading position in their industry respectively. Multi-industry and multi-brand development strategy enables Dali Group to become an enterprise with super-large scale and super strength in both food and beverage industry.

    In 2017, Dali Group insights into the new consumption trends, bases on the people’s needs of health and nutrition, then launches the natural soymilk that is without any additives. The brand name is DOU BEN DOU that quickly detonates drinks market and becomes the hot brand in 2017.

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  • Dali Group is an innovation-driven enterprise, and continues to promote production technology innovation. Through independent research and development, introducing technology, and cooperative development, etc., the Group now has various international advanced food and beverage production lines. The Group has established industry leading product research and development center, formed a strong research and development team, and worked closely with a number of food industry research institutions at home and abroad. It devotes itself to improving product quality and developing new products for consumers. Continuous investment in innovation has laid a powerful foundation for the Group to grasp consumption trends and lead the development of the industry.

    With the continuous development, Dali Group does not forget to contribute to the society and takes an active part in charity utility. Adhering to Group president Mr. Shihui Xu who gives priority to the education development and promotes the traditional Chinese virtues, Dali Group has established four education funds and two charitable funds. Until now, Dali has donated a total of over RMB 500 million, and has been awarded "China Charity Award" - for twice by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

    Adhering to the business philosophy of pursing high quality with whole heart, and the business target of providing quality life and healthy diet to consumers, Dali Group constantly develops new products to enhance brand influence and business management, and constantly expand the distribution network throughout the country. Relying on the industrial super platform ranging from product development center to a food company, from a packaging company to raw material production base, Dali Group has become a comprehensive and international modern enterprise, continues to maintain and consolidate the leading position and growth strength among industy.

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    National layout


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