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    About Us

    About Us

  • Group Profile

    About US

    Dali Group was founded in the famous historical and cultural city Quanzhou, also known as the cultural capital of East Asia. After more than 20 years of rapid development since 1989, Dali Group has grown into a comprehensive modern food enterprise group with an annual revenue of over 10 billion, ranked the top 500 Chinese private enterprises.On Nov. 11th 2015, Dali Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 3799.HK)

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  • Message from the Chairman

    Chairman Message

    Creating a quality life, leading the industry development, establishing a comprehensive modern food enterprise group, and becoming China's food industry leader, all of these are Dali's vision for the future, and also the responsibility for Dali. We will embrace international vision and standards and devote ourselves to providing the best quality, best brand and the best enterprise.

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  • Development History

    development path

    In September 1989, Mr. Xu Shihui began his arduous but also prominent entrepreneurial journey by establishing the predecessor of Dali Foods Group — Hui’an Meili Minzheng Food Factory”. Dali’s first factory was rented and located in the military camp of Xiecuo Village in Huangtang town of Hui’an County.

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  • Corporate Culture

    company culture

    Dali Group has grown from a rented production plant into an enterprise with 18 subsidiaries and over RMB10 billion of revenue. Its excellent corporate culture has been integral to its success. Corporate culture is the comprehensive summary of an enterprise's ideology, strategic direction, vision, behavior and values. On this basis, a culture system is established with its own characteristics and content. The system advocates integrity, pragmatism, innovation, unity, co-prosperity, and also with emphasis on the company's social responsibility.

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  • Join Us

    Join Us

    The Group believes in each employee's ability, pays much respect to each employee's work, develops their sense of ownership and accomplishment so that employees voluntarily devote themselves to their work, meanwhile building a skilled, efficient and high quality team.

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